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Our team of credentialed therapists provides focused, sincere, specialized treatment for a wide variety of mental health challenges.

Portrait image of Donna K. Quach

Donna K. Quach

Veteran, President and Founder

She is an Army Medical Veteran and comes from a military family that has served in all branches of the Armed Forces.

Donna is the founder of You Matter Charity Organization and is an activist for mental health care and prevention, veteran rehabilitation and animal rights. Her vision with You Matter movement is to educate the community about suicide awareness and bullying prevention, mainly due to an alarming rate of our nation’s epidemic, tragic deaths of celebrities to the massive school shootings. She is passionate about working together to change the culture, and destigmatize mental health; while allowing people to talk about their own challenges, and seek help.

Portrait image of Dr. Abram Milton

Dr. Abram Milton

Doctor in Clinical Psychology, Board Secretary

Dr. Milton also continues his research on Sleep Paralysis as a member of Social Psychiatry Research Unit at the University of California – San Diego (UCSD) in La Jolla, CA, and his research on Free Arts and Trauma at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA. Major psychological research interest include military, veterans, posttraumatic stress, traumatic brain injury (TBI), trauma, substance abuse, addictions, suicide, men issues, and university counseling.

Portrait image of Jaclyn Wright

Jaclyn Wright ASW

Clinical Director

She believes that creative arts can be an important tool to aid with healing and tries to incorporate creativity within her work. Jaclyn has created and facilitated trauma-focused trainings and workshops on supporting survivors of trauma, sexual violence, and preventing violence with an intersectional lens. Jaclyn is passionate about individual and community healing, creating a culture that causes less harm, and advocating against systems that cause inequities, harm, and are oppressive.

Portrait image of Leeane Melendez

Leeane Melendez

Singer, SongWriter, Poet, Activist, Board Treasurer

 She is currently working with and doing fundraisers for Puerto Ricans in Action to help with relief from Hurricane Maria and to bring a greater awareness to struggles Puerto Ricans face, both on the island and L.A. She has also worked with Women’s Care Cottage, a homeless shelter for battered women. She watched and read to the children while their mothers were getting the physical and emotional help they need to recover from that trauma. Her personal struggles have left her with a deep appreciation of everything she has and all the people that support her – and she will continue to pass that along to those in need. Listen to her Music.

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Small


 She eventually had guest starring role on ABC’s ‘The Middle’ and a supporting role as the Baker Elf in ‘The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause’ opposite Tim Allen. Next, she will star as one of the eight space explorers in the science fiction film ‘ADAM 8.’

Her single ‘Gravity’, which she co-wrote, is available on YouTube and SoundCloud and has led her to collaborate with top music industry movers & shakers. Despite her busy schedule juggling her upcoming new film and music project, Lizzy finds time to work with several charities in the greater LA.

Portrait image of Christiana Bueno

Christiana Bueno

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Clients tend to think she is very emphatic, passionate, and easy to connect with. Christiana currently practices at a private practice in Burbank, California where she works with a broad spectrum of clients. She is also an honors graduate at the California State University, Northridge where she developed and published a psycho educational support group for gay men who reside in West Hollywood, California. Prior to becoming a therapist, Christiana worked in the service industry in West Hollywood, California for over 8 years where she gained insight on specific struggles pertaining to the LGBTIQ+ community of Los Angeles, California.

Micah McEachen

Micah McEachen


His life experience includes addiction, alcoholism, and substance abuse issues beginning at the age of 14. Since getting sober, he enjoys working with others to overcome their own issues, and he regularly volunteers in group settings for children, teens, and adults. He is an activist for mental healthcare and suicide awareness.

Portrait of Justyne Silvas

Justyne Silvas

Illustrator, Writer, and Activist

Since graduating from CSUN, Justyne has become an illustrator and writer of children’s books, illustrating her first book called I, Zoe, and writing/ illustrating her next book about a little boy and the Ocean. She is also a freelance artist specializing in architectural work. She devotes time to charities such as Environment California and You Matter-Not Alone; and as a victim of abuse and bullying throughout most of her childhood, feels strongly about not hurting any life (animals included) in any form.

Portrait of Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher

Associate Intern (Associate MFT)

She has a special interest in working with children and adolescents, families, parents, and caregivers. She has provided therapy for children in the school setting and now works with children and adults.

Portrait image of Iran Garcia

Iran Garcia

FILM Composer

His favorite part in the filmmaking process is seeing the raw edit of a film for the first time, appreciating the vulnerability of the director’s vision, and putting himself inside the story, wanting to experience first hand, the drama and emotion that makes it whole. Being of Hispanic decent, raised in the United States, and having lived in Europe, he truly believes the future of filmmaking and the continuation of original ideas lays solely on the collaborative effort of a team fueled by diversity.

Portrait image of Nicholas Perez

Nicholas Perez

active duty Navy Independent Duty Corpsman

He is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree with hopes of continuing education to become a therapist. As a team member of YouMatterNotAlone, he makes himself available for fellow veterans struggling with mental health, and contributes to awareness events during his free time.

Portrait image of Caleb Young

Caleb Young


Caleb Young graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BA in Psychology envisioning becoming a licensed clinical social worker working with active duty/veterans. Has a passion for mental health awareness, fitness, and the outdoors.

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